Survey and thermal testing of soils and cable backfill
for the renewable energy and land development sectors

Site Investigation for Foundations

Soil Environment Services undertake geotechnical site investigations for foundation design.  Foundation depth requirements in relation to nearby trees are determined on sites with clay soils. We can undertake  Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) testing of soil to go off site during the geotechnical site investigation.

All our site investigations and geotechnical work complies with BS5930, BS1377 and Eurocode 7.

Our typical geotechnical survey includes:

  • Boreholes to depth for a log of soil conditions and soil sampling.
  • In-situ testing:
    – SPT, Dynamic Probing or shear vane testing for ground strength
  • Laboratory testing for determination of:
    – Plasticity index to assess soil shrink and swell
    – Soil pH and Sulphates for concrete specification
  • Reporting
    – Borehole logs
    – Drawing of borehole locations and other site features of concern
    – Foundation depth in relation to soil shrink/swell and nearby trees
    – Ground bearing determined using industry software from N values
    – Concrete specification re aggressive ground

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