Agricultural Land Classification
and thermal testing of soils and cable backfill for the
renewable energy and land development sectors

Soil Damage Investigations

​Soil removal and replacement for infrastructure projects such as high voltage power cable trenching or solar power arrays can on occasion, inadvertently, result in significant disturbance which may damage the soil.

Even though great care is taken with soil management plans and well executed soil movement and replacement operations, adverse weather, particularly with delicate soils, or a combination of unforeseen events can result in some soil damage during the stripping, storage or replacement operations.

If a situation has occurred where it is suspected the restoration has not resulted in the ideal or planned soil conditions, we can investigate the ground and report on the actual status in relation to the surrounding undisturbed soils.

We have a long pedigree of such investigations with many years working for the former British Coal Opencast Executive researching soil performance on restored open cast sites.  More recent investigations have included assessment of soils over an oil pipeline installed over 30 years ago and a survey of potential soil damage at a large solar power array site.

Sediment Sampling - Eyemouth Harbour

Moray to Blackhillock HVDC cable

Sediment Sampling - Eyemouth Harbour

Soil placement with low impact methods

Sediment Sampling - Eyemouth Harbour

Lambton Coke Works before and after soil restoration with ongoing monitoring.

Sediment Sampling - Eyemouth Harbour
Sediment Sampling - Eyemouth Harbour

Restored former pipeline route

Surveys before, during and after replacement can be undertaken to ensure the best possible outcome can be achieved and demonstrated.

Ultimately the ability of the soils to perform can be assessed at different stages and the agricultural potential of the site maintained.

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